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Spiritus Contra Spiritum


A desert of grains.

Crude pearl cultivations,

Itching black atoms that refused to split.

Irretrievable they rattle polka,

Chasing down the warrens,

Of a shiny tin heart.



Tannoy clatter,

The ice on the wings,

Take off delayed, landing obscured.

Spirits alone in a white plastic cup,

Debate everything all of the time.



Motes of gold in the syrupy poison Goldwasser,

Diamonds dusted from

The feet of baby kings,

My children of the contract

Oversee a cripple’s collection.



Amassed in the holes between

The pointless star firmament,

The pyrite pools dried meniscus deep,

Compacted into scrap slabs,

Jettisoned from the chamber earthbound,

The dirt knowingly quaked up for the crash.



Screaming down the Focke Wulf shaft,

Splintering through the shellac plates,

Embedded in the awful deep -

The spidery frail parched bars buckled

Unravelling rusted spinnerets,

Releasing swarms of sawdust chimeras,

Back to their sticky bitumen and ash.



The crumpled carapace compressed,

Punched into to the silt and clay.

Scorched circuits fused into the panting damp,

Exposed wires sparking amber -

Tiny beacons or desperate drops,

Inching through the membranes,

Raking the loam,

Searching for communion,

In the mineral veins.



Tectonics slowly grinded, rasping petrified cognition

As febrile root fissures crept through the ballast.

Equations compressed to cartoon concertinas,

Steamrollered to a pin head density,

Damned - behind the shut eye aperture,

Murmuring, simmering, reconfiguring.

A dissention against the light.



The hydrant red rictus wretched violently,

Fountaining out huge plumes of dissonant garbled theory,

Emptying flamboyant geysers of strangulated excuse,



Balking, screaming, heaving itself drought bile dry,

It evacuated to the parapet of pin drop silence,

Where a million magnetic ball bearings,

Clamoured desperately for their sheet steel union.

But the amalgams undone refused to meld.



The charred limbic laughing stock cracked open

As bile corroded hinges crumbled to sand,

Leaving two carved question marks

To exchange astonished bolt blue glances,

Blinking amongst the Siamese puzzlement

Of a shock separation.



Riding to the end of the discontinued fault line,

Fission had sent out its cleaving pulse.

Elusive obliteration had left.



On familiar cinder tracks

Lit by shafts from flood lights cracked,

The shrapnel lay iridescent,

The atoms breathed imperceptibly.

Bright beluga before the knife.